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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Mar 30, 2013 10:43pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Gerry and Slyvia Anderson.. - Copyright? Hard to say...

Fair enough.

I don't know if you are interested, but I can re-post that list of 1950s/1960s British series for which all episodes still exist if you want...really, I have it on my computer still and I want it to serve some purpose.

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Poster: Quigs Date: Mar 30, 2013 10:48pm
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Gerry and Slyvia Anderson.. - Copyright? Hard to say...

Do so Matt. Thank you.

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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Mar 31, 2013 10:43am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: Re: Gerry and Slyvia Anderson.. - Copyright? Hard to say...

As you are well-aware, most pre-1970 UK TV is lost. These series are arranged by year of debut. There may be errors on the list.

Fabian of the Yard (BBC)
War in the Air (BBC)

Around the World with Orson Welles (ITV)
Love and Kisses (ITV, NOTE: This is disputed)
Orson Welles' Sketch Book (BBC)
Quatermass II (BBC)
St. Ives (BBC)
The Adventures of Robin Hood (ITV)
The Scarlet Pimpernel (ITV)
The Woodentops (BBC)

Colonel March of Scotland Yard (ITV)
Jane Eyre (BBC)
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot (ITV)
The Adventures of the Big Man (BBC)
The Buccaneers (ITV)
The Count of Monte Cristo (ITV)

Five Names for Johnny (ITV)
Motive for Murder (ITV)
O.S.S. (ITV)
Sword of Freedom (ITV)
Jack Hylton's Monday Show (ITV)
Overseas Press Club - Exclusive! (ITV)
The Gentle Killers (ITV)
The Music Box (ITV)
The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (ITV)
The Silver Sword (BBC)
Together Again (ITV)
Torchy, the Battery Boy (ITV)
White Hunter (ITV)

Dial 999 (ITV)
Invisible Man: The Original Series (ITV)
Little Women (BBC)
Make Me Laugh (ITV)
Our Mutual Friend (BBC)
Quatermass and the Pit (BBC)
Sketch Club (BBC)
The Anne Shelton Show (ITV)
The Larkins (ITV)
William Tell (ITV)

Australian Walkabout (BBC)
Bleak House (BBC)
Epilogue to Capricorn (ATV)
Gert and Daisy (ITV)
Glencannon (ITV)
International Detective (ITV)
Interpol Calling (ITV)
Noggin the Nog (BBC)
The Flying Doctor (ITV)
The Four Just Men (ITV)
The Man Who Finally Died (ITV)
The Third Man (BBC)
The Voodoo Factor (ITV)
Whicker's World (BBC)

An Age of Kings (BBC)
Barnaby Rudge (BBC)
Counter-Attack! (ITV)
Coronation St (ITV)
Danger Man (ITV)
Formula for Danger (BBC)
Four Feather Falls (ITV)
Maigret (BBC)
Mill of Secrets (ITV)
No Man's Island (ITV)
On Trial (ITV)
Pathfinders in Space (ITV)
Pathfinders to Mars (ITV)
Paul of Tarsus (BBC)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (BBC)
The Cheaters (ITV)
The Seal of Neptune (ITV)
The Strange World of Gurney Slade (ITV)
The Splendid Spur (BBC)

Suggestion of Sabotage (ITV)
Journey of a Lifetime (ITV)
Pathfinders to Venus (ITV)
The Mask of the Clown (ITV)
The Treasure Seekers (BBC)
The Secret of the Nubian Tomb (ITV)
The Seven Faces of Jim (BBC)
Ghost Squad (ITV)
Hancock (BBC)
Signpost (BBC)
Sir Francis Drake (ITV)
Supercar (ITV)
The Jo Stafford Show (ITV)
The Pursuers (ITV)
The Pingwings (ITV)

City Beneath the Sea (ITV)
Fireball XL5 (ITV)
Man of the World (ITV)
Oliver Twist (BBC)
Saki (ITV)
Steptoe and Son (BBC)
Strange Concealments (ITV)
The Andromeda Breakthrough (BBC)
The Bacchae (BBC)
The Mermaid's Pearls (BBC)
The Saint (ITV)
Zero One (BBC)

Espionage (ITV)
Hancock (ITV)
Jezebel ex UK (ITV)
Julius Caesar (BBC)
Maupassant (ITV)
Once Aboard the Lugger... (ITV)
Secret Beneath the Sea (ITV)
Sergeant Cork (ITV)
Swallows and Amazons (BBC)
The Desperate People (BBC)
The Human Jungle (ITV)
The Telegoons (BBC)
The Sentimental Agent (ITV)
The Spread of the Eagle (BBC)
The Victorians (ITV)
World in Action (ITV)

A Choice of Coward (ITV)
Call the Gun Expert (BBC)
Comedy Workshop: Love and Maud Carver (ITV)
Count of Monte Cristo (BBC)
Danger Man (ITV)
Fire Crackers (ITV)
Gerry Anderson's Stingray (ITV)
Gideon's Way (ITV)
Melissa (BBC)
Paris 1900 (ITV)
Second City Reports (ITV)
Silas Marner (BBC)
Six (BBC)
The Great War (BBC)
The Protectors (ITV)
The Villains (ITV)
Victoria Regina (ITV)

A Man Called Harry Brent (BBC)
A Poor Gentleman (BBC)
A Slight Case of... (BBC)
Court Martial (ITV)
Eugenie Grandet (BBC)
Front Page Story (ITV)
Heiress of Garth (BBC)
Knock on Any Door (ITV)
Object Z (ITV)
Pardon the Expression (ITV)
Pogle's Wood (BBC)
Serjeant Musgrave's Dance (BBC)
The Man in Room 17 (ITV)
The Power Game (ITV)
The Wars of the Roses (BBC)
The Worker (ITV)
Thunderbirds (ITV)
Undermind (ITV)

A Game of Murder (BBC)
Bat Out of Hell (BBC)
Camberwick Green (BBC)
Death Is a Good Living (BBC)
Five More (BBC)
George and the Dragon (ITV)
Joe (BBC)
Picture Box (ITV)
Take a Pair of Private Eyes (BBC)
Talking to a Stranger (BBC)
The Baron (ITV)
The Corridor People (ITV)
The Dark Number (BBC)
The Look of the Week (BBC)
The Three Musketeers (BBC)
Thirteen Against Fate (BBC)
Ransom for a Pretty Girl (BBC)
You Can't Win (ITV)
Weavers Green (ITV)

City 68' (ITV)
Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet (ITV)
Great Expectations (BBC)
Inheritance (ITV)
Les Misérables (BBC)
Man in a Suitcase (ITV)
Mr. Rose (ITV)
One Pair of Eyes (BBC)
Pride and Prejudice (BBC)
Spindoe (ITV)
Sword of Honour (BBC)
The Big M (BBC)
The Fellows (ITV)
The Flower of Gloster (ITV)
The Forsyte Saga (BBC)
The Further Adventures of the Musketeers (BBC)
The Prisoner (ITV)
This Way for Murder (BBC)
Trumpton (BBC)
Vanity Fair (BBC)
Wuthering Heights (BBC)

Cold Comfort Farm (BBC)
Father Dear Father (ITV)
Gazette (ITV)
Goodbye Again (ITV)
How We Used to Live (ITV)
Its Vikki Carr (ITV)
Joe 90 (ITV)
Journey to the Unknown (ITV)
Marty (BBC)
Nearest and Dearest (ITV)
Nicholas Nickleby (BBC)
Pere Goriot (BBC)
Please Sir! (ITV)
Resurrection (BBC)
Rogues' Gallery (ITV)
Strange Report (ITV)
The $1,000,000 Bank Note (BBC)
The Caesars (ITV)
The Champions (ITV)
The Company of Five (ITV)
The Devil in the Fog (ITV)
The Flight of the Heron (ITV)
The Gambler (BBC)
The Growing Summer (ITV)
The Herbs (BBC)
The Jazz Age (BBC)
The Portrait of a Lady (BBC)
The Railway Children (BBC)
The Root of All Evil? (ITV)
The Tyrant King (ITV)
The War of Darkie Pilbeam (ITV)
Tom Grattan's War (ITV)
Treasure Island (BBC)
Virgin of the Secret Service (ITV)

A Handful of Thieves (BBC)
Big Breadwinner Hog (ITV)
Bird's-Eye View (BBC)
Canterbury Tales (BBC)
Christ Recrucified (BBC)
Chigley (BBC)
Civilisation (BBC)
Cribbins (ITV)
Curry & Chips (ITV)
Department S (ITV)
Doctor in the House (ITV)
Dombey and Son (BBC)
The First Churchills (BBC)
Fraud Squad (ITV)
Galton and Simpson Comedy (ITV)
Hadleigh (ITV)
Hark at Barker (ITV)
Mary Mungo & Midge (BBC)
Monty Python's Flying Circus (BBC)
Mr. Digby Darling (ITV)
Music Hall (ITV)
On the Buses (ITV)
Parkin's Patch (ITV)
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (ITV)
Softly Softly: Task Force (BBC)
Special Branch (ITV)
The Best Things in Life (ITV)
The Clangers (BBC)
The Contenders (ITV)
The Dustbinmen (ITV)
The Flaxton Boys (ITV)
The Gold Robbers (ITV)
The Inside Man (ITV)
The John Davidson Show (ITV)
The Main Chance (ITV)
The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder (ITV)
The Owl Service (ITV)
The Possessed (BBC)
The Secret Service (ITV)
Two in Clover (ITV)
Whicker in Europe (ITV)
Who-Dun-It (ITV)

Many of these are on DVD. Even the short-lived "Virgin of the Secret Service" from 1968 is being given a DVD release. Perhaps the shorter-seasons of UK series makes it more economical to release even failed series on DVD.

Additionally, here is a list of the earliest Australian television dramas:
Autumn Affair* (1958-1959, soap opera)
Emergency (1959)
Shell Presents (1959-1960, anthology)
Whiplash* (1960-1961, western)
Stormy Petrel (1960, mini-series)
Consider Your Verdict* (1961-1964, courtroom drama)
The Story of Peter Grey* (1961-1962, soap opera)
The Outcasts* (1961, mini-series)
Jonah* (1962, possibly mini-series?)
The Patriots (1962, mini-series)
The Hungry Ones (1963, mini-series)
The Purple Jacaranda (1964, mini-series)
Homicide* (1964-1976, Seven)

Of these, only "Whiplash" and "Homicide" are on DVD. Those marked with * are confirmed to survive. Additionally, at least some editions exist of "Shell Presents", but I don't know how many.

Additionally, here is an additional list. Based on the list at the top of this thread It is a hopefully incomplete list pre-1970 UK sitcoms for which all episodes still exist. It excludes the unusual comedy series "Up Pompeii", since that only aired a single episode during the 1960s. I hope they help people come across more series they might want to watch. Mind you, even partially-lost series like "Citizen James" are available for viewing....

Note: Note surrounded by quotation marks are on DVD:
Love and Kisses (1955, ITV)
"The Larkins" (1958–1964, ITV)
Gert and Daisy (1959, ITV)
"The Strange World of Gurney Slade" (1960, ITV)
"Hancock" (1961, BBC, however, the preceding "Hancock's Half-Hour" is incomplete in the archives)
The Seven Faces of Jim (1961, BBC, sitcom anthology, however, the two follow-up series are lost)
"Steptoe and Son" (1962–1974, BBC)
Hancock (1963, ITV)
Fire Crackers (1964–1965, ITV)
A Slight Case of... (1965, BBC)
"Pardon the Expression" (1965–1966, ITV)
"The Worker" (1965–1970, ITV)
"George and the Dragon" (1966–1968, ITV)
"Father, Dear Father" (1968–1973. ITV)
"Nearest and Dearest" (1968–1973, ITV)
"Please Sir!" (1968–1972, ITV)
Cribbins (1969–1970, ITV)
"Curry & Chips" (1969, ITV )
"Doctor in the House (1969–1970, ITV)
Galton and Simpson Comedy" (1969, ITV, sitcom anthology)
"Hark at Barker" (1969–1970, ITV)
Mr. Digby Darling (1969–1971, ITV)
"On the Buses" (1969–1973, ITV)
The Best Things in Life (1969-1970, ITV)
"The Dustbinmen" (1969–1970, ITV)
"Two in Clover" (1969–1970, ITV)

Finally, here are some Wikipedia pages I made for some 1957 Australian TV game shows. They aren't on DVD, though, but I can hope, can't I?

Additional 1957 Aussie game shows (with pages by other people) include "Pick a Box" and a version of "The Price is Right", but I don't think any 1957 episodes of those series exist. A single episode exists of "Raising a Husband" from 1957, but it doesn't have a page on Wikipedia (I don't have enough info on it to make a page on it).

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